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The information system and applications that we deliver are important for our clients. We understand it and want to ensure their continuous run, therefore we provide support services.


Our applications are designed to be comprehensible and copy your defined processes and corporate processes. There are minimum training demands and if needed, it can be implemented online. We’ll train your people at the beginning and similarly, regular training can be provided to new employees.

User support

We help users to complete their knowledge and know-how in the use of applications, for example, if training is missing. We address non-standard or extraordinary situations with users.

Administrator support

We are available to help the administrator of your information system and assist with setting up the system to meet your actual needs. We’ll manage system integration modifications, interfaces with new systems, or application surveillance.

Consulting and advisory services

We’re here for you if you need to consult a solution, solution design, selection of the right tool and technologies. We are looking for a way to provide the best possible support for the operation of your company and make flexible and expedite the existing processes, and possibly eliminate and replace those non-functional.

Application run

You can make your own decision whether systems and applications will be run and managed in your server room, or you delegate this part to us. We offer to you a safe and secure background of our professional data centre with a scalable output.

Initial data import

Where our application fully or partly replaces another system, it may be desirable that it provides data from the very beginning that you can follow up. You can add a brief history yourselves. However, if you wish to add retrospective data for several months or years, it would be better to use the option of so-called mass data import which highly expedites the entire process.

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