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Network development - adaptation

Your company will expand faster and better if you have the adaptation process of your new businesses under control.

Key functions

Newly established branches are supported

New staff are trained and a introduced

Changes of corporate processes, rebranding are supported

New rules are implemented more quickly and flexibly

Taken-over branches are adapted

Branches from a taken-over company are adapted more quickly

Top management tool

Reducing demands of actual data processing, you work directly with outputs and can immediately work on the actual data and branch and output evaluation

Staff tool

Centralized inputs, process reduction, comfort


  • Minimized training costs, user-friendly interface
  • Application will adapt to the client, not the client to the application
  • Application flexibility
  • User control over the layout of data collection forms
  • Critical analytical tools at hand
  • Data export
  • Digitizing and centralization and formalization of paper documents and resulting huge benefits – diverse outputs and, in fact, immediate different views of a problem, or online trending, etc. 

Functional application process

  1. The company acquires or builds new branches that it wishes to adapt – accommodate to its internal processes.
  2. The company management provides staffing of branches
  3. Users in 6 roles visit the pharmacy app. 15 times and enter data associated with their steps
  4. This process is captured, controlled and evaluated by the application
  5. The individual players are informed by notification, that is a unified module, used also by other IS parts.
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