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Map Server

Your products, branch network, implemented references, goals, property for sale, studies can be displayed in a very efficient and effective way as well as much more information which is boring and dull in a standard table.

Examples of use and advantages

Branch network

Implemented references 

Presentation of tourist attractions, routes, areas

Property and land for sale

Study visualization

Highlighting of areas, routes, landmarks

  • Clearer and more comprehensible presentation of information
  • In many cases, data map presentation is much more practical for users than, for example, a simple list.
  • Colours and the map and “bubble” form can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Map solution is more compatible with smartphones and your application will then be available on tablets and mobile devices.

genera2User interface is simple, intuitive and highly facilitates visitor’s orientation. Filtering is also available and interactively reflected both on the list and the actual map.

Map system application is based on GoogleMaps. It allows a wide range of use where map visualization is needed.

Key functions

  • Polygons -  useful for real estate agencies to exactly determine a land plot, site or building for sale in the map. 
  • Routes – useful for travel agencies, possible marking of favourite trip routes.
  • Points – marking of branch networks, reference points, etc.
  • Watch dog and news tracking
  • Map clustering – As you zoom out, many points are aggregated into one with a number showing how many offers are included. As you zoom in, points will successively be divided.
  • Select offers and Export to PDF
  • Submit an offer by e-mail
  • Filtering
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