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Intranet, Wiki and Knowledgebase

Information in one place available to specific users. You determine the information structure no matter if you have a small business or a big enterprise. You control what others can see in the network.

Examples of use and advantages

Company bulletin board

Information on company events can be shared - training, teambuilding, ....

Documents, templates, guidelines

Access can be provided for selected users

Wiki and knowledgebase

Corporate knowledgebase catalogue can be developed and sorted into categories. WIKI can be interconnected with a helpdesk (a problem which you cannot solve may be referred to the helpdesk)

Video surveillance

Integration with web cameras used for monitoring of the utilization of areas, etc.

Instructions and manuals

Share materials that should always be available to your employees


Well-arranged internal phonebook sorted by departments or alphabetically

  • More efficient communication across the company – more efficient and comprehensible than e-mail
  • More efficient transfer of company know-how
  • Work organization improvement
  • Bureaucracy reduction         
  • HR savings
  • Corporate communication improvement
  • Corporate process support


  • Company newsletter interface – information entered into the intranet is automatically distributed to employees by e-mail
  • Internal phonebook, HR software or attendance interface
  • Control system integration, process analyses and optimization (more information >)

The intranet can be used to connect multiple agendas under the same roof and make them available to users in one place with a single log-in.

The current solution of different agendas doesn’t need to be dropped, they will just be individually connected and can maintain a high degree of autonomy. That is the own log-in process and control method to access information, etc. The intranet access does not have to quite automatically imply access to partial agendas. 

Key functions

  • Publishing business articles, news, memos and documents
  • Access control and if applicable, definition of parts only for a specific group of persons
  • Possible integration of ready-made components (CRM and contract records, DMS, Helpdesk, Project management, analytical tools, …)
  • WIKI allows you to publish solutions of known problems and information of common knowledge or processes. Comments can be added to Wiki articles and improved by joint efforts of users.

Specific features

  • Information is only available to the company staff, or partners (extranet), and protected by password
  • Information can be shared across the business (company bulletin board).
  • Everyone can only see information intended for them.
  • Used for a repository of corporate guidelines, templates and forms.
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