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Helpdesk and Tasks

The task management system will help you achieve higher labour efficiency. Organization, delegation and control are quick and easy. Tasks can be assigned via e-mail.

Examples of use

Team management, tasking

The module runs in a teamwork mode where you can assign tasks associated with contracts or projects.

Helpdesk, support

The module runs in a helpdesk or support mode and you can even include helpdesk operators in the process.


  • The system as another team member to track, register, assign tasks and provide notification
  • All company tasks in one place
  • Improved task execution process - possible monitoring and supervision
  • Better awareness

Key functions

Increased labour productivity
Communication error
rate reduction
Greater client
Improved client

Key functions

  • Tasks, their classification and filtering
  • Task queue management operator, multiple operators, multiple task queues
  • Requests submitted to the helpdesk can be structured as needed and the individual parts of the helpdesk can be supported by specialized information and FAQ/WIKI/KB links (to solve a known problem)
  • Timesheet – timetracking – the staff will track time spent on specific activities
  • Attachments – attachments can be loaded to tasks


  • Everyone can see their list of tasks and a possible contract interface
  • Task assignment notification by e-mail, due date reminder
  • Task comments
  • Task can be linked to a specific company from CRM

This system is used for tasking within a company or teams, and in general where standard communication and e-mail task assignment hits its technological ceiling.

Unlike the e-mail system, the system will maintain all information – consistently – in one place and associate it with the information from the client register (CRM module), project management module and business cases, and track demands and be able to provide outputs for billing and internal performance evaluation. While it can submit all information to all the involved people as well as send emails.

Functional application process (helpdesk mode)

The system expects a company (or branch) organizational chart - employees, managers, ...

Request may be created by anyone

Any initiated request will be included on the request  list and request status list which is displayed to all colleagues.

A request operator will be assigned to any initiated request to create a task and assign a solver.

A created task is submitted for actual processing and you can add comments, escalate, check as done and approve it as completed. The individual escalation types may be customized.


Task assignment by e-mail

Tasks can be created, assigned and submitted by e-mail to a specific e-mail address in the system. Then the task is automatically uploaded, including all attachments, and it by itself can be assigned to a specific customer or specific contract in the system.

User received a task
The user will write an e-mail, enter the user name and time for completion. The task will automatically be created and entered into Firon.
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