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Firon Forms

A sophisticated tool for efficient data collection with a simple user interface. You create a form and select a target group. Then you just analyze data. 

Key functions

  • User created structured and interactive forms 
  • Ready templates of type responses (checking mails, numerical ranges, etc.)
  • Formal verification of responses
  • Elementary analytical outputs – instant charts and statistics
  • You can export data to CSV, XLS, XML formats
  • Prompt preview of summary and single responses
  • Definition of the range of respondents
  • Key data source for consequent data-mining
  • Check for inconsistent user intervention in the form as being filled out (e.g. change Yes/No question to a numerical response and vice versa)

Specific features

  • Customized processes of your company
  • User control over data collection form layout
  • Essential analytical tools at hand
  • Data export

Functional application process

  1. The user will create a form
  2. (S)he will create questions – may select a type and limitation for each question
  3. (S)he will order questions as needed, or divide them in tabs (sections/chapters)
  4. (S)he will publish the form to the target group for completion
  5. (S)he will evaluate results, or download them to Excel, CSV, XML format, etc.
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