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Financial Firon

Important tool and wizard for financial consulting companies. It provides control over the contract cycle, commission and consultants. You can also support all your collaborating partners.

Key functions

Commission models
tree, linear, ...
Consultant adaptation, qualification management
Consultant authorization supervision
Import and export mechanisms
Bank interface, retention fund

Examples of use and advantages

B2B, B2C in financial consultancy

Full support for your own company, professional service for partners 

Intranet, knowledgebase

Knowledgebase, documents and guidelines are made available

Client support and acquisition

You support your existing and new clients using the integrated CRM system

  • Full consultant process coverage
  • Comprehensive system for companies and pools
  • Easy user interface
  • Well-arranged and transparent commission processing
  • Support for a wide range of financial products

Specific features of financial firon

  • Specific products have a specific process
  • High demands on bulk data processing and intelligence of this processing
  • Automatic validation ability
  • Transactional data processing for distributed partner applications
  • Pool accommodation
  • Flexible commission model

This system uses the functionality of several base modules - CRM, DMS, extending it by specific features of given field which typically is a commission system.

Specific features of system, additional services

Import mechanisms

Import mechanisms ensure bulk inserting data – e.g. importing a new client database, information from banks and financial institutions or initial importing contracts / business cases – in general, a functionality that provides comfortable and bulk information input.

The import system may have its own intelligence and validate data and it is able to create or complete any missing data according to a defined scenario. Then the user will be informed about ambiguities (inconsistencies).

Export, outputs and statistics

The user may export data in various and flexible formats, thus creating outputs for its own use (e.g. commission), management (consultant performance), bank (commission payment orders) or accounting.

System of multiple companies - distributed system

This system allows to provide access for external entities and companies that you cooperate with or provide your services to. All data will be entered into your central data repository and from there selected by transactions for distribution to your partner’s applications – they can only see their own data in their individual applications.

It provides quite high flexibility for your partners who can add other product portfolios or other modules, etc. Your system will not scant them, it will just set the main rules for data synchronization.

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