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CRM system

You’ll have all your clients, leads, contacts and contracts under control.
Information is available in one place.

Key functions

Hundreds of thousands of clients
in the system
Business process
Statistics modules
at hand

Examples of use and advantages

Client account/contract management

Information on your business contacts well-arranged in one place

Management and communication with clients

End of lost emails, on-line communication with your clients

Client account/contract management

End of lost emails, on-line communication with your clients

  • General business case monitoring
  • Increased efficiency of business processes and related cost reduction
  • Increased client satisfaction and public domain
  • Information relationship with other FIRON modules (TM, DMS, CMS)
  • Data access possible from any place
  • System backup and data security

Client registration, possible search and filtering of the client list

Client list may be filtered, sorted, modified and categorized as needed. The set filter can be stored and set as the initial view of the client list.

Contacts may be exported and used for another program or agenda – you don’t only rely on the Firon capabilities. 

Client Detail

The Client Detail provides all relevant company data and the following:

  • List of contracts, projects or business cases
  • Client contacts
  • Communication history and client documents

Contract and business case management

For each client, business cases and contracts can be posted. Each of them works standalone, you can track financing, spent time, documents and you allow the team to control all the processing. For more details, see Project management.

Business case detail – Contracts

Contract Detail or Business Case Detail can be used for communication with your team. You can track milestones, tasks and time spent on each contract. You can easily retrieve the Client Detail. Each business case has its manager (business case – project manager) and you select members of the team who may access said project.

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You can integrate a mini-call centre into the system and set it up directly for FironCRM.

  • Client databases
  • Client notes and status
  • Defer a client for later time
  • Successful call statistics
If needed, a third party callcentre may be integrated.
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