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Check lists

You frequently receive a wide range of analytical inputs from a branch network that can be compared in time. The process and players will be customized to fit the actual environment of your company.

Key functions

  • Write a control protocol – its questions and response types
  • Determine a periodic interval if appropriate
  • Confirmed by the branch manager and manager-inspector
  • Built-in statistics, summaries, outputs, exports
  • Interface with predefined databases and results exported to third-party systems for further analysis


  • Follow-up on previous protocols, their responses, tasks, notes, etc.
  • Every checklist can be filled up in a certain interval
  • Individual checklists available to managers
  • Summary view of all completed protocols
  • Optional time versions, relationship maintenance
  • Cross-section statistics view

Checklists can even be fixed to a branch to make sure that the protocol is completed in-situ and actually checked.

Functional application process

  1. Checklists are used for periodical surveillance of a branch network – collecting data from different branches for consequent individual evaluation, by entire regions. Data can be acquired repeatedly in multiple periods (time period can be selected – weekly, monthly, etc.)
  2. Data are acquired from questionnaires for different branches filled out by branch managers. Consequently, the acquired information is evaluated by regional managers, or operations managers. Those will also define a form of questionnaires that may be created by themselves.
  3. The system provides a set of automatized analytical outputs-views and allows exporting data for further analysis e.g. in Excel.
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