A tool which can be used for planning of specific audits, and tracking of any identified gaps, proposed corrective actions and their results, and for branch efficiency and quality reviews.

Key functions

Operating standards in the branch are controlled

App. 150 prescribed areas are controlled – one of them is physical inventory

Top management tool

Staff and branch management, output evaluation

Staff tool

Centralized inputs, process reduction, comfort


  • Minimized training costs, user-friendly interface
  • Application flexibility
  • Application will adapt to the client, not the client to the application
  • Digitizing and centralization and formalization of paper documents and resulting huge benefits – diverse outputs and, in fact, immediate different views of a problem, or online trending, etc.

In case of discrepancies, the pharmacy will propose corrective actions that are further approved. After one month, the manager-inspector will check whether the approved actions have been implemented.

Functional application process

  1. Lead auditors will allocate auditors to branches
  2. 5 users roles enter data associated with their steps
  3. The system will call for interaction through the notification centre
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