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Why individual solutions?

Do you hesitate whether you should use an individual custom solution, or purchase a ready-made solution? We’ll give you advice.

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Tailor-made vs. ready-made solutions

Individual customized solution

Choose this solution if none of the ready-made products meet your requirements. Corporate processes would have to be quite adjusted to the application which may be undesirable in many cases. If the setting of processes in the company provides a competitive advantage, it is advisable to choose an individual solution.


Ready-made solutions

If you find a product that suits your needs, use it. You should consider whether and how much you can facilitate a ready-made application. It should not hinder your own business. Ready-made solutions provided by our company may, in each case, be customized. You don’t have to start from a greenfield situation, but you build on a verified solid foundation.

  • The solution will adapt to you, you don’t adapt your company.
  • You don’t have to make compromises.
  • You’ll support and make your existing processes and procedures more flexible.
  • The application will copy your style of work – it is more comprehensible.


  • Shorter implementation period

If you are not sure about your needs, take some of the ready-made solutions as the basis. You can verify and confirm your priorities and have the application customized later or stepwise

Come and together we’ll find a solution. You describe your problem and the basis and we propose appropriate tools for solution.

Do you need advice what to choose?

The answer is often not easy – it’s not always reasonable to develop a custom solution while at another time the use of existing tools may be inappropriate. In many cases, the optimum solution is to combine and interconnect tools on an individual basis.

What about the systems we already have?

You surely don’t have to immediately stop using, dispose or replace systems that you have. If you just need to add specific agenda, systems may be integrated to exchange the necessary information (system integration).

Logging into multiple systems

A special password for each system is not required. It is advisable to centralize the user management – access and authorizations – within the corporate information system. Applications that we deliver may incorporate login data already used by your company. It is again about integration into your system.

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