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Integration of your applications

The implementation of many projects embraces integration with other parts of the information system -  accounting system, bank, warehouses, HR software and others.

Key features


You don’t have to thoroughly change your background, we’ll customize the system to fit your processes and existing applications.
The individual systems can allow one-way data sharing or two-way communication.

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Integration process

The integration process is aimed to facilitate the work of users to avoid redundant transfer data from one system to another in a complicated way, or logging into multiple systems.

We set the requirements for data ranges to be shared by the systems and data sharing format and conditions.

You decide which data should be managed in the existing system and which data should be processed in the new solution and what outputs are needed.

We propose a solution based on such information.


Firon based applications run on the PHP (Linux, Apache) and MySQL platform and related technologies.

But we commonly provide integration with tools and applications based on the Microsoft technology whether an interchange format, access to a defined API, or integration with the target MS SQL database.

If needed, a proprietary solution can be integrated. In such case, the best approach is to work together with the software vendor.


You are lost and don’t know what solution to choose? We’ll be happy to help you. 

Applications can be integrated in many ways and we take an individual approach to solution each time. We select such process that will provide you a sufficient outlook to the future and meet your required price-performance ratio.

The goal is the most effective solution while the effectiveness is evaluated by you – you predefine requirements – consequently, we propose processes and technical implementation.

What are the limitations?

In fact, technical limitations do not exist. Limitations are based on human factor, or the required profitability rate – determined by the client at each time.

The cooperation of all involved parties is crucial. It will highly facilitate the entire integration process of individual parts of the information system.

Different application platforms are not obstacles by definition, just an appropriate process and communication interface needs to be determined. 

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