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How do we proceed

All projects are implemented with due diligence, meticulously and step-by-step. We focus on thorough project preparation, analysis and development. Mistakes would catch up with us later. We don’t want that  :)

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It all begins with consultation where we find out whether and how we can satisfy your needs and recommend the appropriate solution. This stage will result in a situation where the client knows an estimated price and time for completion and steps necessary to determine the final price – set under the project.


For more complex systems, the work – project must always be described in detail. The project description makes both the client and us feel confident that we speak about the same goal. The exact final price and time for completion can be determined. Processes, functions and the wireframe form of application are described in detail. The client can use such compiled project to request more potential suppliers for quote.


In this stage, we implement and set up the system, or a customized part of the application. We discuss the configuration with you if needed. You need to provide final data that you want to use from the launch and should be imported to the system (e.g. lists of clients, contracts, business cases or staff, etc.).


We provide training on the use of the application for you and you receive manuals. The form, place and scope of training – all forms part of the contract.

Pilot and Production

At first, the application is made available to a selected group of users within a pilot to test the whole work. You determine whether the system settings are acceptable for you. It is an opportunity for you to verify that the entire system works as you intended. All of that before you involve the whole company in the system.
Going live is when you start to use the system in production and we believe that it will help you manage your everyday routines.

Support and Maintenance

Our cooperation will not end upon the system implementation. We’re ready to provide you support during the application operation – whether user or administrator support, or possibly additions or modifications of the application to meet your newly identified requirements. The form and scope of support will be mutually agreed under a software support and maintenance agreement – it specifies the scope of work, hours, response time and other important attributes. It is our interest that you are satisfied with the application (and in general, co-operation with our company).

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