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Firon technology and platform

We bring lots of minor and greater joys to make your life easier. State-of-the-art technologies and many years of experience allow us to deliver systems that understand needs of the user.

All of our products are based on 3 main pillars
Simplicity Speed Reliability

A simple system manages challenging tasks

Firon comes with a rehash of proven philosophy. We accentuate the maximum simplicity for users while complicated task are managed by the system itself in the background.

Less stress and problems

Firon will lead you along the efficient path of your work. It saves your time for solving problems caused by insufficient communication or problems arising from contract implementation delays.


The system is designed so that every user may only access data made available to them by you. Servers are physically protected in a server room with professional equipment and of course, regular backup is provided.

Cost reduction and more time for your business

We know that you don’t have to make living on running information systems. Firon will reduce your time spent on annoying routines to a minimum and you’ll be able to engage in whatever actually brings money to you.

The system will remind you and provide notification about important events

We know that you’ll not be monitoring the system all day long. Firon itself will call you if you are required for any activity.

Sufficient room for your online data

There is always sufficient room for your data that can be extended without problem at any time.

Improving services for your clients

Do you want to have loyal clients ? Care for them and perform due diligence. Firon will give you an overview of clients. Your sales representatives will communicate with clients easier with better quality. Firon will help you strengthen your important relationships or establish new relationships with clients.


or companies that require maximum protection and security, the system can be installed directly on the client server. Of course, electronic certificates are available for all clients to ensure your security.

It’ll be with you every moment

Data access is provided around the clock and 7 days a week – safely and from any place. All selected solutions built on the Firon platform may be extended by access via tablet or cell phone.


Content edit directly on website

New generation of the FastClick system. Content is edited on the very site that you want to edit. You don’t lose the context with web proportions. All content is edited directly on the site. You don’t need to pass administration interfaces and complex settings. Easy!

FastClick is the thing you’ll really enjoy. It will save the maximum of your content management time. We’ve used this technology since 2008 and now there is already the 4th generation.


Task assignment by e-mail

Tasks can be created, assigned and submitted by e-mail to a specific e-mail address in the system. Then the task is automatically uploaded, including all attachments, and it by itself can be assigned to a specific customer or specific contract in the system.

Task received by the user
The user will write an e-mail and enter the user name and time for completion. The task will automatically be created and entered into Firon.


The system itself will supervise the elementary SEO attribute quality.

A tool designed for FironCMS and, amongst others, for website management - the system will supervise the elementary SEO attribute quality – e.g. caption, heading completion, etc. Thorough use of specific attributes promotes continuous improvement of the position of your website in search results.

Meta core - Heterogeneous data management

MetaCore, that is the core processing metadata, is our key technology. The key and critical processes are integrated into the actual core of the platform where you can focus on them and make sure they are really strong and robust.

The individual management of identical processes in each module is not that necessary – typical sharing and disintegration of improvement energy to dispersed parts of the system.

  • Classify
  • Sort
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Share
  • Work with users and user groups
  • Execute planned tasks
  • Filesystem and database abstractions
  • smtp server and mailbox connection and communication
  • Data presentation system
  • Data structure management
  • Other activities are provided by specific modules

What does it mean to you?

Single user interface for key operations (e.g. data sharing as mentioned above)

Easy search across the system – you don’t have to search comments and tasks

Fast (and cheap) integration of new services

Are you interested in Firon, or do you need advice? Contact us or +420 607 593 249